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Sales Roleplay is temporarily on hold. 

Listen Your Way to Increased Sales with Q&A is still available.

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  • Gain confidence in sales interactions
  • Learn to¬†avoid common pitfalls
  • Be the go-to for clients

Maximize your sales potential! Access unparalleled education and engaging role play sessions to hone your skills and propel your sales journey to new heights. Enroll now to secure your spot!


When you combine expert communication and role play...

You get a super-charged, fun way to easily sell more. Learning and applying it can be a blast!


The online course gives you the framework. The roleplay experience gives you the practice in a fun and safe environment. Apply it to your sales and become a sales champion. 

Get a full month of Sales Role Play included with your purchase of Listen Your Way to Increased Sales. 


Listen Your Way to Increased Sales

There's an unparalleled sense of confidence that comes from knowing you can connect with anyone, anytime. By mastering active listening, you'll feel more assured in your interactions, leading to more persuasive conversations and higher conversion rates.

Course Results

"The EQ sales skills you will learn from Deb work in any industry....Deb helped me increase my sales even when facing brutal inventory shortages and a company website going offline for over a month." 
- Leah Wagner 


"For the business person interested in personal development, there are numerous options available, at times so many that they blur between one another.  So, when a course stands out positively, it makes a recommendation a simple matter.  Deb Porter's course,  'Listen Your Way to Increased Sales' fits this description." 
- Jim Swan


"Listen Your Way To Increased Sales is an incredible program. While going through the process with Deb I experienced so many lightbulb moments. I thought I knew how to listen and communicate with people. This program has taken my skills to a whole new level. Whatever business you're in, Listen Your Way To Increased Sales will take you to a new level."

- Larry T. Daniels

Sales Roleplay

Think about the pride you'll feel as you establish yourself as a top performer in your field. By continuously honing your communication skills, you'll leave a lasting impact.

 Roleplay Proof

"When it comes down to it, practice is exactly what we need to up our sales game. Stefan has created the perfect environment to do just that. I was able to really get creative with my sales angles and I was actually really happy about that." 
- Coach Shane Peterson 


"The sales roleplay provided a safe space for me to practice my pitch and get feedback on what I did well and what I could improve... playing a few different roles (both as the sales person and the buyer) gave me a neat perspective on how I can pitch and approach my business marketing differently."
- Nita Agustin


"I feel more confident selling now that I know I can apply my process to multiple scenarios."
- Lori Dean



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Increased Sales Course
Sales Roleplay

Both of these are included?  

Yes.  This special offer includes everything in the course, including the Q&A, PLUS one month of Sales Roleplay. 

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