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Your Sales Leads Aren't Converting...

You are doing the work-- booking call after call, week after week. You know the benefits of what you're selling. It's a solid offer. But you aren't breaking through the wall of "no" and it's overwhelming.  

You're not alone. 

Relying solely on sales pitches during client calls isn't the answer - so, what is? Add active listening to your process.

Studies show that sales professionals who are active listeners make 42% more sales! 

Would 42% more sales be life-changing? Think of paying bills and still having money in your account. Think of hiring help to make life run smoothly. Think of feeling relaxed with your family.

The good news is active listening is a skill that can be learned. And, once you learn that skill, you too will be well on your way to closing more sales and having the freedom success brings.

As an active listening expert of over 25 years, I have brought together decades of knowledge and packaged it up in a way that you can learn in a few hours so that you can start using this priceless skill on your very next sales call!

What if you could consistently meet your sales goals?

You Can.

Listening is a powerful tool that can transform your approach to sales. 

After completing this course, you will:

  • Make sales even in difficult economic times
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers, creating loyalty
  • Improve your ability to uncover hidden customer motivations and desires
  • Close more sales faster and with ease
  • Make sales without feeling salesy

Enroll to:

  • Gain access to video lectures, practical exercises, and¬†case studies
  • Engage in direct interaction with your instructor for personalized guidance

Your new skills will allow you to target your customer’s needs, ensuring more sales. 

As one participant said, "I consider myself to be a pretty good listener and am an empathetic person, but I learned a TON and feel empowered to add these tools to my conversations. I can use it in many settings whether it's family, friends, clients, or teammates."

That can be you!



Increased My Sales

Deb's EQ skills from Listen Your Way to Increased Sales helped me increase my sales even when facing brutal inventory shortages and a company website going offline for over a month. 

Leah Wagner

Focused & Precise

Focused and precise, this training is for anyone who communicates for a living... and who doesn't. Filled with well-researched content, practical exercises, and clearly outlined and presented material, this is a must for everyone whose business depends on communicating with another human being. Listen to what Deb has to say on the topic of listening. You won't be disappointed. 

Jim Swan


“I've finally found the margin (2 hours) I needed to complete the course and I really enjoyed it. I love that the videos are not too long. The empathetic phrases were very helpful. The Rushing to Close content was excellent!! It’s a common pitfall for sales professionals. The Small Talk Suggestion document was really helpful.

Steve Caton

 Switch It Up 

Discover the power of active listening and unlock untapped potential. Boost your sales performance and reach new heights in your career. Enroll now to start listening your way to increased sales success.

By the end of this program, you can be like Jennifer.


Jennifer was frustrated and stressed. On each sales call, it seemed people only wanted to complain to her.

I worked with Jennifer, teaching her the exact same skills in this course. At first, she was skeptical. How could listening help? She needed sales!

But as soon as she implemented it, she found those sales flowing with ease. She was making more sales in less time than ever before.


You can be like Jennifer.


Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Be memorable. Master the art of active listening and distinguish yourself in a crowded market by deeply understanding your clients' needs and concerns. Elevate your sales approach with empathetic communication, setting yourself apart as a trusted advisor who truly listens and delivers tailored solutions for each client.

Build Rapport and Trust

Establishing trust and building rapport with potential customers can be difficult, particularly in remote or digital sales environments. Learn to connect authentically, understand your clients' needs, and foster genuine relationships that lead to long-term success in sales.

Exceed Your Sales Targets

When you truly understand your customers and connect with them on a deeper level, you'll exceed your sales targets effortlessly. Our course will teach you how to listen in order to adapt your sales approach to each customer's unique needs, resulting in increased sales, revenue, and overall success.

Create Lifelong Customers 

When your customers feel heard and understood, they have a more satisfying experience, leading to long-term loyalty and repeat business. By putting active listening at the forefront of your sales approach, you create a positive experience that goes beyond just making a sale.


Nice to meet you! I'm Deb.

I’m an active listening expert, with over 25 years of experience, some of which has been in sales. 

When my colleague Tom told me, "Deb, you can sell anything,‚ÄĚ I was taken back. Curiosity got the better of me and I asked him why he thought so.

His response was simple yet powerful:

"Because you really listen."

It made me realize the impact of my attentive approach to customers. I truly take the time to understand their needs and address their concerns, and it shows. Tom's observation inspired me to further refine my listening skills, and as a result, I've experienced even greater success in sales.

Don't underestimate the power of listening.

Discover the power with me, by enrolling in "Listen Your Way to Increased Sales" today.

Want A Sneak Peek?

Here's what you'll learn...

Module One:

Foundation of Active Listening in Sales Conversations

Discover the fundamental principles and benefits of active listening in sales conversations, and learn how to apply this essential skill to enhance your effectiveness as a sales professional.

Module Two:

Prepare For Your Sales Conversations

Master the art of staying calm and composed in sales discussions, and learn techniques to effectively manage your emotions, solve problems, and maintain composure for successful sales interactions.

Module Three:

Sales Conversation Outcomes

Understand the importance of setting clear outcomes in sales conversations and learn how to align with your clients' needs and wants to achieve strategic and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Module Four:

Better Client Relationships

Unlock the power of relating in sales by creating a safe and respectful environment, understanding body language cues, and building positive relationships with your clients through purposeful communication.

Module Five:

How Empathy Increases Sales 

Harness the power of empathy to build trust and drive sales. Learn how to demonstrate empathy, establish trust, and create satisfied and loyal customers through active listening.

Module Six:

Avoid Obstacles & Improve Communication

Identify and avoid common pitfalls in active listening, such as absorption, over-identifying, judgment, fixing, minimizing, invalidating, and rushing to close, to ensure effective communication and avoid misunderstandings.

Module Seven:

The Importance Of Small Talk 

Discover the value of small talk in sales conversations, including its role in building trust, rapport, and personalizing your sales approach for meaningful connections and successful outcomes.

Got a Few Surprises For You...

Let's not forget these fabulous bonuses!



A Complete Self Assessment for Your Listening Skills

This assessment helps you determine how well you listen by writing down conversations and reflecting on any emotions that may have distracted you. It includes a checklist to further evaluate your abilities. Improve your listening skills and enhance your connections with others.

($100 VALUE)  Included with Listen Your Way To Increased Sales!


Empathetic Phrases Cheat Sheet 

Elevate your game with our included bonus: "Empathetic Phrases for Effective Connections." You'll receive a collection of ready-to-use phrases that build rapport and drive sales. Enroll in Listen Your Way to Increased Sales now to access this exclusive content.

($27 VALUE)  Included with Listen Your Way To Increased Sales!


Suggestions For Small Talk 

Boost your networking skills with our bonus: "Small Talk Suggestions." Receive expert recommendations on engaging topics and icebreakers that will effortlessly kickstart conversations. Impress and connect with ease in social and professional settings. Don't miss this chance to elevate your communication skills! Enroll in Listen Your Way to Increased Sales now and gain access to this valuable resource.

($23 VALUE)   Included with Listen Your Way To Increased Sales!


Open Ended Sales Questions

Level up your sales game with our bonus: "Open-Ended Sales Questions." Access a collection of powerful questions to spark meaningful discussions with your prospects. Uncover their needs, address pain points, and close more deals. Enroll in Listen Your Way to Increased Sales now to unlock the power of open-ended questions. Don't miss out!

($49 VALUE)  Included with Listen Your Way To Increased Sales!

Take Advantage Of These Two Exclusive Bonuses!

Enroll in 1:1 sessions with Deb Porter & join group Q&A sessions 


1:1 With Deb Porter 

Learn with the founder in three, 30 minute sessions

Deb Porter, Certified Executive Mentor

Enhance your learning experience with three additional 30-minute sessions with Deb. Dive deeper into the strategies and techniques taught in the "Listen Your Way to Increased Sales" course and receive personalized guidance to maximize your sales potential. Deb's expertise and individualized attention will take your skills to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your sales game. Add-on these exclusive sessions to your course package today!

What does it include:

  • Three, 30 minute zoom sessions over the course of six months
  • Dedicated active listening & mentoring support



$300 with purchase of "Listen Your Way To Increased Sales"


Group Live Q&A's 

Get your questions answered!

Group Sessions with Deb Porter, Mentor

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment with our exclusive group Q&A included when you sign up for the Listen Your Way to Increased Sales course. Use this opportunity to interact with Deb and other course participants, share insights, ask questions, and gain valuable feedback. These one hour conversations allow you to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the group as you navigate through the course content. Don't miss out on this valuable resource to enhance your learning journey. Enroll today and utilize the Q&A to take your sales skills to new heights!

What does it include:

  • 3 live Q&A sessions in a 6 month time window - 1 hour each
  • Meet others going through the same course
  • Expert advice & answers



($600 VALUE)

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Try it for 14 days 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We're so confident that you'll love the program that we're ready to offer a 14-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the training for any reason, you will be able to obtain a refund within 14 days of purchase. However, if 10% or more of the lessons have been viewed, this refund policy is automatically voided.

This program is for you if...
  • You're a Sales Professional¬†looking to enhance your existing sales skills with advanced listening techniques.
  • You're an Entrepreneur¬†who wants to learn how to connect with your target audience.
  • You're generally interested in sales and you want to develop essential skills for successful selling, even with¬†no prior experience.
  • You want to understand your customers, connect with them on a deeper level, and adapt your sales approach to their individual needs.¬†
This program is not for you if...
  • You exceed your sales goals every month and are continuing to beat your records each month.
  • You have your sales pitch down to an exact science- it's working for you and you're not looking for a change.
  • You're not willing to dedicate the time + energy to fully listen and engage with this course.
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This jam-packed course should be taken at your own pace. Review the course material and watch the video trainings daily. Complete your notebook and attend the LIVE Q&A.

Step 3
Achieve Your Goals

My goal is to help you surpass yours. My team and I are here to assist you. We believe in your success. 

So Let’s Break This Down!

Everything you’ll get with "Listen Your Way To Increased Sales":

  • 7 x Core Modules Filled In-depth Video Trainings¬†from¬†Deb¬†($1999 value)
  • Step-by-step exercises for each Module¬†($500 value)
  • Lifetime access to all training videos, materials, resources, and Q&A recordings
  • Includes all updates to the course with an email alert¬†

Plus this fabulous collection of bonuses are including...

  • Bonus #1:¬†A Complete Self Assessment for Your Listening Skills ($100 Value)
  • Bonus #2:¬†Empathetic Phrases Cheat Sheet ($27 Value)
  • Bonus #3:¬†Suggestions For Small Talk ($23 Value)
  • Bonus #4: Open Ended Sales Questions¬†($49 Value)

And let's not forget these extras:

  • Limited-time Bonus #1: 1:1 With Deb Porter
    Chat with the founder in three, 30 minute sessions- $300 when you sign up for the course. ($600 Value)
  • Limited-time Bonus #2:¬†Three¬†Group Q&A Sessions¬†($600 Value)
See the difference


Our concise yet impactful course, combined with expert guidance and personalized feedback, is designed to enhance your sales performance.

By investing in yourself and mastering the art of active listening, you will elevate your sales game, exceed your targets, and create a more satisfying experience for both you and your customers.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a sales expert who knows the power of listening.


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Total Investment For Listen Your Way To Increased Sales Is Only $397

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